Not only dentists will find in Molar City,
delicious Mexican food, meat and seafood, beauty and spa shops, pharmacies and opticians, jewelers and souvenirs you will also find,

 It is a city where its people are very friendly.

Dr, Molar Host of the City.

Do not forget to take your picture with Dr. Molar, he is the mascot of Molar City and he likes to take pictures with all the visitors.

"Dia de Muertos" Party.

In the month of November the "Day of the Dead" is celebrated and in Molar City there is a great celebration with this theme.
It's like the people of Mexico celebrate death as a party more than the living. Come and enjoy the best costumes of this great celebration.


Welcome Party.

At the beginning of the season the tourism committee offers, with the help of the main dental offices and shops, a great welcome party, where delicious food, drinks and live music are offered, with traditional Mexican and mariachi dances, you can not miss it, This holiday is usually in the month of December.


Farewell or spring party.

As a thank you for visiting Molar City, the whole town thanks its visitors with a colorful party, many gifts, Mexican food, live music and the presence of dental offices giving away curiosities for everyone.
This party is in the month of April.



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