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How Molar City Helps You

1.-Send us your Dental Needs and we estimate your total dental cost in Molar City Mexico.

*Contact us via email, online chat or phone today to get same day price quotation.

*If you want a more specific quotation send us your X Rays to for pre-evaluation by the dentist.

2.-Receive a quote with savings of up to 70% compared to prices in the United States and Canada

*Based on your requirements we can send you from one to ten different options.

*We’ve done the pre-screening for you, and selected only the top dentists for direct recomendations.

*Direct recommendations are guaranteed by Molar City

*Or you can choose the top dentist for your case from our Top 30 Best Dentists in Molar City or from the General Directory.

3.-Schedule your appointment. 

*You can get an appointment when you want it from the same day or for any date even on sunday and holidays.

4.-Plan your trip.

*Depending on the duration of your dental treatment we can give you some suggestions of where to stay, we have free transportation from your hotel to the office.

5.-Rate the services. 

*In order to improve, it is very important that you tell us how was your experience, it is our obligation to be aware of all your process, every detail is important.

*Tell us how you were treated, if you got what you wanted and recommend our dental network.

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Send us your Dental Needs and we estimate your total dental cost in Molar City Mexico.


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